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TTC MARCONI s.r.o has been providing its customers with modern telecommunications solutions for over twenty years, continuing the nearly sixty years’ tradition of specialist knowledge of the Telecommunications Research Institute, whose experts were involved in the creation of the company.

During the past twenty years we have successfully expanded to the demanding foreign markets of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Slovakia, where we have built our own subsidiaries.

Our success strarted with a range of our own products, deployed en masse in telecommunications networks. From these we have, over time, developed specialised systems optimised for safe application in critical infrastructures. Our unique know-how, gained over time, is further utilised in high-end system integration projects, chiefly in the energy and transport sectors. This is possible thanks to the successful cooperation of our specialists with renowned global businesses active on the current telecommunications market.

In the field of railway telecommunications, we implement our own technical solution, providing interfaces between traditional railway and modern communications technologies.

Thanks to our experience in power distribution networks, we know how to realise communication networks on high-voltage lines and how to protect these lines. We also implement the latest packet systems in technological networks.

Demanding tasks can only be fulfilled with a professional, loyal and motivated team of employees. We value highly specialised and reliable work – and it is these qualities that we promote in our employees.

We realise that we are part of wider society and are proud that we are able to support specific projects of general benefit, giving our work a new dimension and purpose.

Třebohostická 987/5
100 00 Praha 10

Tel.: +420 234 052 305
Fax: +420 274 814 747
E-mail: info@marconi.ttc.cz
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