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1 July 1953 saw the founding of the Telecommunications Research Institute, which had since been engaged in the development of telecommunications devices and systems. Apart from the development of entire systems – telephone exchanges and transmission devices – the Institute was also involved in the development of components from which these systems were constructed, chiefly the development of electronic elements, relays, switches, and also the development of essential measuring tools. Worthy of mention from a historical point of view is also the development of control centres for the energy industry in the 1950s, PLC systems and systems for the transmission of discreet signals from remote localities. Switching systems resulting from Institute advances were supplied to both Czechoslovak organisations and a number of countries, chiefly in the Eastern Bloc. The highest-placed of these within the telecommunications network were the MN60 International Telephone Exchanges, which were installed in Prague, Moscow and Berlin. The 1960s also saw the successful development of the first digital transmission system (KPK 24), which was fully based on semiconductor elements and structured as a 24-channel version with 7-bit coding of individual voice channels (the European recommendation for 30-channel systems with 8-bit coding had not yet been introduced).

1989 saw the beginning of a new era, opening up new possibilities and perspectives for the Institute. First of all it became an independent entity and state organisation under the name TESLA VÚT s.p., which was then included in the privatisation programme, privatised and subsequently transformed into the development/production business that it is today. The company subsequently developed a number of entrepreneurial activities, which gradually formed companies that currently are parts of TTC holding.

It was clear at the beginning of the 1990s that the position of an organisation active in the field of telecommunications would be untenable in the long-term without close cooperation with partners from abroad. At this time, the organisation forged contacts with the Italian company MARCONI S.p.A., whose technical and commercial profile proved highly suitable for high-quality cooperation. The top representatives of the Italian company were then gradually won over to the idea of founding a joint company, mainly thanks to initial commercial successes. Following a long series of discussions on detailed business plans, founding documents were finally prepared. An authorised representative of MARCONI, Mr. Sergio Trolli, still well-known today to those who were there at the time, subsequently travelled to Prague to sign the relevant documents together with representatives of TESLA Telekomunikace. From his own wallet (evidently drawing on the greater part of his per diems) then contributed his own share of company base capital, and it all began on 11 March 1993 under the name TTC MARCONI.

Presentations, meetings, the first commercial successes under the new name with national telecommunications operator SPT Telecom, the construction of a modern telecommunications network for Transgas, the first contracts for the energy sector; the new company slotted in immediately into the world of enterprise within a small group of people. The euphoria of the time kept everyone afloat, driving them onwards – and some of them kept going for twenty years, into the present day.

TTC MARCONI continues to bring its customers the latest technological solutions, fresh results of studies, development and innovations from the sphere of communications technology. And not only this – as well as research, production, trade, installation and servicing of devices supplied, it also provides consultation in all possible forms, for the express purpose of bringing its customers the greatest possible benefit.

However, the company is not active in the commercial sphere only. It regularly, repeatedly and purposefully applies the idea of the social responsibility of employers and employees in real life, and all do so in the conviction that this way, too, they can and contribute to the harmonic development of the society that they live in as a whole.

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