Konos helps save lives


TTC MARCONI supplied the latest communication technologies to the Operations Centre of the Emergency Medical Services in Hradec Králové region.

The standard equipment of rescuers from Hradec Králové now include automatic caller location, rescuers online tracking via GPS and multi touch tablet connected to all the necessary systems in the vehicle crew.

One of the requirements of the customer was the full integration of the private telecommunications network Pegas based on Tetrapol standard. The implemented solution uses the KONOS IP platform, the SIP protocol and of course complies with all Tetrapol PAS. The key component, a radio gateway KONOS-RGWP was developed at TTC MARCONI. The complex solution contributed subcontracted company Per4mance, Medsol, Radium, Retia and Pramacom.

The project was implemented in the period from February to July 2015 and into full operation was delivered solutions mentioned at the beginning of September.

The project technology for EMS Operations Centre Hradec Králové Region II was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Integrated Operational Programme for regional development. The financial volume is close to 30 mil. CZK.


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