Carrier - Corporate values


We all pull together. We also help our customers to pull together to achieve the defined goals.

Fair play

We strive for fair behaviour not only to each other but also, and above all, to our clients, business partners and last but not least to nature and the environment.


We are always striving to head upwards, thus contributing to the personal growth of each of us, the company as a whole, and especially to the growth of our customers.

Effectiveness and Professional Approach

We keep looking for the most convenient, most effective and most professional solutions that best meet the needs and desires of our customers.


Each of us is personally responsible for his or her performance and ready to bear both the positive and negative consequences of our personal activities.

Loyalty and Satisfaction

Together we strive to build a corporate environment where every employee is satisfied and loyal and to create the conditions where all our customers are satisfied and loyal as well.

Třebohostická 987/5
100 00 Praha 10

Tel.: +420 234 052 305
Fax: +420 274 814 747
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