Carrier - Why work for us?

Five main reasons for working with TTC MARCONI:

  • We contribute to prestigious projects of renowned customers
  • We offer options for self-fulfilment within a company with a developing outlook
  • We support the professional and personality growth of our employees
  • We provide opportunities to learn from experienced experts
  • We evaluate and reward on the basis of personal qualities and achieved performance results

In addition there are a number of benefits as a bonus:

  • Flexible working hours
  • An extra week of holiday above the legal norm
  • Contributions to meals
  • Contributions to language study
  • Contributions to pension schemes
  • Annual influenza vaccination
  • Option of private car insurance with a beneficial premium
  • Option of family members using discounted mobile operator tariffs
  • Company car usable for private purposes for selected positions
Třebohostická 987/5
100 00 Praha 10

Tel.: +420 234 052 305
Fax: +420 274 814 747
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