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KONOS family is a voice solution designed especially for control systems, operators and group communication operating in different telecommunication environments and for similar applications requiring integration of various equipment tailored to the requirements of end users. The system uses proprietary gateways integrating the world of voice and data into radio networks, e.g. Tetra, or into other digital or analog platforms. The solution is based on the SIP protocol used for communication with IP exchanges, but includes also other protocols facilitating integration of the system into various environments.

All products of the KONOS series share the same voice framework (the VAF Voice Application Framework). The component model applied in the system makes adding of new features required by the customers easier.

The KONOS system developmentally builds on earlier dispatch solution IP Touch Call. After the unification of both series the IP Touch Call-K variant is used in railway communication infrastructure.

The KONOS-DOT Dispatch Console is the core product of the KONOS series. It is intended for complex controlling tasks, planning, fast communication and telephone call processing. It can work as a single terminal, but can also be deployed in complex control systems benefiting from the easy integration possibilities of the KONOS products.


  • 17” touch screen
  • Linux, SIP
  • Calls, conference calls
  • Incoming call queue
  • Priority calls
  • Comfortable control
  • Adjustable speed-dials
  • Call logs (dialled numbers, received calls, missed calls)
  • Phone books
  • Call recording
  • Connection to handheld radios (analogue, digital, Tetra)
  • Integration with PBXs
  • Integration with other systems (fire&security)

The KONOS-RGW Radio Gateway connects calls and signalling between the radio stations in the TETRA or Mototrbo digital radio networks or in an analogue network and the KONOS-DOT Dispatch Consoleс or any other devices or systems communicating over IP network.

Some of the main features of the KONOS solution:

  • Analogue, Motorola Mototrbo, Tetra
  • Linux, radio protocol, SIP
  • Group calls
  • Scan
  • Private calls
  • Text messages
  • Call recording
  • Connection to dispatcher
  • Mountable in 19” rack
  • Back-up batteries

The KONOS-AS Application Server provides services needed for the interworking of more dispatch consoles. It is intended primarily for use in more complex solutions requiring mutual links between the terminals (e.g. switching of profiles, call pick up, installations distributed in several localities etc.).

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