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High-voltage lines transfer large volumes of energy. The stable operational condition of these lines can be disrupted by external influences that can affect the transferred energy and cause considerable material damage, which can lead to consequential, and in some cases several times greater, operational losses. For this reason, all high-voltage lines are protected from the occurrence and spread of abnormal conditions of operation. In order for protective devices to function properly, it is essential to ensure the reliable transmission of messages and commands over the grid to all required nodes. In order to ensure this transmission we have developed a specialised PCM30U-OCH transmission system, intended chiefly for power utility clients. The system is fully adapted to the specific technological requirements of the energy sector and has been in operation, over the long-term, in a number of countries across several continents, meeting the high requirements posed by the power utilities.

The PCM30U-OCH pulse-code modulation transmission system comprises multiplexer with E1, E2 or E3 PDH level interfaces, or with STM-1 / STM-4 SDH, Ethernet/IP interfaces. The system is prepared for applications within the energy distribution networks so that, apart from normal telecommunications functions, it also transmits commands and HV line protective device signals or 50 Hz frequency for synchronizing generators with the grid.

Transmission can take place through the fibre-optic cable, in the primary bit stream within a higher-level system, via an SDH system or over an IP network. The system also has the option of connecting to backbone transmission systems via standard E0, E1, E2, E3 or STM-1/4 interfaces.

The device is modular and intended for installation in the standard 19” rack, with the default backed-up power supply of 48 V DC, 110 VDC, 220 VDC/230 VAC. It consists of a central section and the section of plug-in channel units supporting connection of practically any type of protective devices. Our range of system channel units can be used for the transmission of telephone and data channels. The device can be supplemented with accessories for connecting equipment to cables and distribution frames.

The device has drop-insert and cross-connect functions connecting 64 kbps channels among internal channel units and up to four external 2 Mbps directions and supporting 2 x E1 transfer to SDH transport structure with four STM-1 / two STM-4 interfaces.

An integral part of the device is the management system, which facilitates the monitoring and management of networks comprising PCM30U-OCH devices and other transmission systems. Various multiplexer versions are available to allow users to optimise their operational needs and investment costs.

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