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Not every customer has a detailed overview of the wide portfolio of currently available ICT solutions. This highly specific, technologically oriented area of human activity is further undergoing a highly dynamic development process. Should the customer come to the conclusion that their objectives can be realised with the aid of ICT technologies, we are on hand to help. In every such case we offer help and advice in finding the correct, optimal solution and how to proceed in its application and implementation. We place the knowledge and experience of our leading specialists at the customer’s disposal. Our specialists can quickly orientate themselves in the given field, suggesting the most suitable approach, which might only consist, for example, in a change in the configuration and, if required, supplementing of the existing installed solutions, or of their partial or complete renewal. The basic objective of this consultation is to propose an approach that will fulfil, as far as possible, the actual needs of the customer, including their requirements for effectiveness and ensuring the operation of our proposed solution.

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