Services - Network Servicing and Maintenance

Apart from the sale and supply of solutions, we also offer our customers a ‘Network Servicing and Maintenance’ service. This generally allows us to extend the standard warranty for supplied solutions. We provide this service on the basis of an 8/5 (8 hours per working day) or 24/7 (uninterrupted support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) service agreement. The service is provided with the automated TTS TTCM (Trouble Ticket Systém TTC MARCONI) support system, which facilitates transparent and clear communication on breakdowns and the progress of their elimination, including documenting of the timing of individual events. Apart from the resolution of problems only after they occur, which generally results in periods of downtime or a reduction in the quality of services provided, we also offer the option of regular prophylactic inspections and interventions, carried out at pre-arranged intervals. These services significantly reduce the probability of a breakdown and reduce the price of the service in real terms. Should you be interested, and agreement subsequently reached, we can also extend our offer to include projects realised by other suppliers.

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