Transport systems - Microwave links

Radio relay (RRL) and microwave (MW) links consist of devices for the high-speed transmission of digital signals over distances ranging from hundreds of metres to tens of kilometres with the aid of a tightly routed bundle of radio waves, with low output in the 1-60 GHz band.

In the second half of the 20th century, analogue radio relay links were used together with the carrier telephone systems for the wireless transmission of tens to thousands of telephone calls or for the transmission of broadcast or television signals. Nowadays, digital microwave systems are the dominating equipment in the telecommunications and data communications.

In our RRL solutions, we preferentially implement the Ericsson MiniLink-series systems. However, we are also able to offer solutions that are based on alternative devices produced by Motorola or other producers.

A great advantage of RRL solutions is the ease and speed of implementation and ease of re-installation in new localities.

  • The Ericsson’s core products are point-to-point systems supporting hybrid TDM / Ethernet transmission. Systems operate in the 6-42 GHz range, with transmission rates of up to 2x500Mbps per channel, while using various types of diversity or back-up schemes. System structures include indoor modular units (IDU) and compact outdoor units (ODU) connected via a coaxial cable. This group is represented by the  TN-series MiniLink (modular design supporting PDH, SDH and ATM interfaces in the TDM mode and with internal SW switching of both types of operation) and the compact systems of CN-series MiniLink (structural variant offering several basic service combinations, optimised for end sites with critical spatial and climatic conditions). Functional and structural compatibility permits the use of the TN and CN series to replace devices from the older, successful MINI-LINK E, C, Marconi LH and other series.
  • An alternative solution is the RRL in all-IP networks. This group is represented by two devices: the SP-series MiniLink access switch for mixed fibre-optic and radio networks with the rates up to 120Gb/s, supporting fibre-optic interfaces up to 10Gb/s. For TDM services the circuit emulation technique is used. The other device is the PT series MiniLink packet radio for bandwidth 6 to 42 GHz / 80 GHz with outdoor installation and 1GbE optical conduction. Both devices are optimised for critical spatial and climatic conditions.

The complete solution incorporates the ServiceOn network management system, which is common for Ericsson microwave and fibre-optic devices.

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