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In the field of SDH and PDH transmission systems, TTC MARCONI solutions follow the concept of industrial communications networks. This concept stems from the company’s years of experience in power utilities and transport. Communications network solutions take account of the specific requirements of industrial communications where operational units are geographically spread over a number of localities. A typical example of this are networks built along serial technological structures (power lines, gas-distributing systems, transportation routes etc.), which must guarantee smooth functioning with short response times and a high degree of security, a necessary pre-requisite for the management of geographically widespread units in real time.

The PDH layer provides access points and transmission channels dedicated to individual services and, using its specific resources, provides physical access for remote and intermediate locations (unmanned technological units or premises) to network nodes at the backbone layer. These nodes are generally administrative, control and technological centres, i.e. places with a high concentration of traffic.

Solutions are optimised so as to efficiently perform in a unified environment using a minimum range of network elements that are fully software controllable. The objective is to facilitate efficient network operation with the minimum number of staff. The solutions apply primarily multiplexеrs of PCMX and PCM30U series of our own development, featuring

  • full range of interfaces to realise serial data channels for telemetry networks, electronic fire-alarm & security systems or for the connection of remote telephone subscribers and control room communications,
  • capability of realising physically separated technological channels or L2 Ethernet-type networks (EVPL, EVPN) with guaranteed capacity,
  • integrated interfaces for long-haul systems using fibre-optic or metallic media,
  • support of fast protection switching algorithms.

The TTC MARCONI portfolio also includes the Keymile XMP1 multiplexer.

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