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The contribution of data services to the overall richness of civic society is currently on the rise and it is clear that this trend will continue into the near future. The scope of activities which, in essence, depend on the flawless functioning of extensive fibre-optic data transmission networks has been constantly growing. Fibre-optic transmission networks are among the chief vehicles for the development of data services. This is one of the reasons that our company is engaged in solutions involving fibre-optic transport systems.

TTC Marconi with  more than 20 years of experience is capable of designing and efficiently realising optimal solutions combining various fibre-optic transport systems, namely from the portfolio of Ericsson and Cisco Systems:

  • high-capacity C/DWDM system Ericsson MHL3000 with wide range of components to support the transmission of 1/10/40/100G Ethernet, FiberChannel, SDH and digital video, transmission over large geographical distances, including undersea applications and metropolitan transmission solutions (MAN) and the sharing of fibre infrastructure;
  • multiservice elements of the SPO family, combining, within dual architecture, SDH transmission protocols, Metro Ethernet (with relevant MEF certification) and MPLS-TP oriented towards networks with convergence of traditional TDM (E1) and packet (IP/Ethernet) services with capacities per network element up to 60Gb/s TDM or 320Gb/s Ethernet and next multiservice elements in 1HU to 3HU design, retaining capacities of up to 15G (TDM) or 80G (Ethernet) and supporting serial interfaces up to 10Gb/s inclusive.
  • ASON/ASTN dynamic network management support, which allows users, amongst other things, to automatically connect the organisation of traffic on the physical layer to MPLS routing mechanisms,
  • intelligent C/DWDM platform Cisco 15454 MSTP, allowing a wide range of transparent SDH/SONET, Ethernet and SAN services, flexible from the network topology point of view, incl. transmission over large geographical distances and backup ways, with full remote reconfigurability of the R-OADM elements over an integrated graphical configuration SW
  • aggregation platform Cisco ASR 900 series, combining according to specific license the transport protocols Metro Ethernet (with appropriate certifications MEF), IP VPN routing and IP/MPLS, oriented on the networks with the convergence of traditional TDM (E1) and packet (IP/Ethernet) services in operator and utilities segments, representing a capacity up to 128GB/s or 180 Mpps in a compact and modular or non-modular construction 1HU to 3HU.

The transport systems of various suppliers are managed via the multi-user carrier-class NMS (ServiceOn for Ericsson elements, Cisco Prime for Cisco Systems elements) which can be integrated with any technology monitoring environment (OSS). The transmission technology is delivered with all auxiliary systems necessary for the indoor or outdoor installation, redundant power supply and the related services. Using the cutting edge technology, we are able to develop solutions that are price-optimised, economical in operation, sufficiently scalable and flexible to meet the current as well as future trends in transport networks.

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