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TTC MARCONI is apartner of MITEL who acquired the AASTRA portfolio. MITEL offers comprehensive solutions for unified communications, including IP private branch exchanges, videoconferencing and wireless IP-DECT solutions, as well as a number of applications intended for comfort and the modern needs of user communication.

The MX-ONE™ IP telephone exchange, part of the MITEL portfolio (based on the extremely successful MD110-series exchange), was designed to provide a full range of communication options without any restrictions or barriers. There is no limitation for the subscribers in terms of location, time or type of communication. Voice, data, video and application sharing converge into a single network, irrespective of whether the network is public or private, fixed or mobile. MX-ONE™ also supports standard communication protocols such as SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), creating a complex with other unified communication products and capable of sharing  virtual environment with them.

The traditional BusinessPhone private branch exchange has been upgraded to include new options for the connection of IP SIP telephones and IP subscribers.

The IP DECT solution offers the expansion of IP exchanges to include a wireless DECT component where base stations communicate with the exchange via SIP interfaces. The solution also supports  the determining of geographical location of portable handsets and other advanced functions.

The new MITEL 400 series exchange represents a complex telephony solution even for small installations. The MITEL 400 series offers flexibility, allowing the customer to set the size of exchange and the unified communications features.

Aastra’s new flagship product in videoconferencing is the BluStar series, which meets the high demands placed today on the transmission of video conversations for both fixed and mobile terminals.

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